C.J. Gardner-Johnson Social media Posts Caused Worries Amongst Fans 



C.J. Gardner-Johnson criticized Detroit Lions fans and his former teammates in deleted social media posts.

Despite signing a high-expectation contract with the Lions, his time in Detroit was hampered by injury.

Gardner-Johnson specifically called out his teammates for not mingling with the city’s residents, except for Jameson Williams.

While the claims about other teammates are unconfirmed, Gardner-Johnson and Williams were seen engaging with the Detroit community.

In a series of now-deleted posts, C.J. Gardner-Johnson took to social media to criticize Detroit Lions fans and his former teammates, expressing his disappointment with their lack of engagement with the city.

Despite signing a one-year deal with the Lions last March, his time in Detroit was marred by a pectoral injury that limited his playing time. Gardner-Johnson commended wide receiver Jameson Williams for his involvement in the community, implying that other teammates were reluctant to interact with Detroit residents.

While the claims about his teammates are unverified, there is evidence of Gardner-Johnson and Williams actively participating in Detroit events and activities.


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