Stephen Curry challenges Warriors train Manager Steve Over Decision in Warriors vs Timberwolves.


NBA. Warriors HC Steve Kerr deflects blame for resting Stephen Curry too a whole lot vs. Timberwolves

It’s the fourth quarter. Your team is battle for a spot in the NBA playoffs in a tight game towards the fine crew in the Western Conference. From the outside, this looks like a scenario you would want Stephen Curry on the court if he is healthy. The Golden State Warriors superstar agrees.

He expressed his surprise in a frustrated interview, lobbing a challenge at Steve Kerr.

“A little,” Curry said when asked if he was once amazed with the aid of his time on the bench in the fourth quarter.

The enigmatic superstar rolled his eyes and selected his words very carefully, body language that signaled a want to tip toe around a sensitive subject. He in contrast his minutes to the Warriors previous game, when he performed the entire fourth quarter in opposition to the Indiana Pacers.

Played the complete fourth quarter against Indiana. Didn’t work out. This did not work out,” he stated bluntly, before providing a task to Kerr. “So we gotta locate someplace in the middle.” 


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