Detroit Lions inquiring for a Pair up with New York Giants in Practice




The Detroit Lions and New York Giants are pushing for joint practices this year all through the first week of the preseason, coach Dan Campbell confirmed at some point of his breakfast media session at the NFL owners conferences this week.

“Tentatively right now i’ve been speaking to (Giants instruct Brian) Daboll and so I assume there’s a risk we could go to New York,” Campbell said on Tuesday

“Tentatively proper now i’ve been speaking to (Giants coach Brian) Daboll and so I think there’s a danger we may want to go to New York,” Campbell said on Tuesday.

NFL groups get to request one crew they desire to play in the preseason, and whilst there is no warranty Detroit and New York will get the pairing they’re requesting, these requests are usually granted as lengthy as there isn’t a logistical conflict. In different words, count on the Lions to tour to New Jersey this yr for at least a pair of joint practices before the opening preseason game.

If this request is granted, it will be the second 12 months in a row the Lions and Giants pair up for practices. Last year, the Giants traveled to Allen Park for the practices, so it makes sense that Detroit would travel to New Jersey the following year.

While groups only get one request for a preseason opponent, that doesn’t mean Detroit will solely have joint practices against the Giants. Campbell stated he will push for another set of joint practices, but he’ll have to come to an settlement with whoever the league pairs the Lions up with in Week 2 of the preseason. Last year, the Lions and Jaguars were able to come to an agreement for a 2nd set of joint practices, as Campbell explains.

“Last 12 months we acquired the Giants, we requested it and they requested it so we acquired it,” Campbell said. “(Jaguars coach) Doug (Pederson) fell in my lap. They just took place to agenda it, so I referred to as Doug, he’s like, ‘absolutely.’ 


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