The Pittsburgh Steelers have a new name to replace their Stars at the center.






The Pittsburgh Steelers may additionally have a new identify to keep an eye on throughout the 2024 NFL Draft.

As they seem to be to substitute Mason Cole, Duke’s Graham Barton may also be hiking up their radar, and ought to be a first-round alternative for them.

The Steelers likely have three top preferences at middle in the NFL Draft. They ought to go with Barton, or seem to be to add Jackson Powers-Johnson or Zach Frazier. They’ve had attendees at Duke’s Pro Day and Oregon’s Pro Day, and are anticipated to have Frazier in for a neighborhood pre-draft visit.

The group has stated Nate Herbig as an choice at core at some point of the offseason, however after releasing Cole, they’ll probable add to the team before the summer.

General manager Omar Khan stated all choices are on the desk still, together with free agents, draftees and a feasible trade. Most-likely, though, the team is viewing the NFL Draft as their first-rate probability to land a star. 


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