49ers QB Brock Purdy, CB Deommodore Lenoir receive substantial performance bonuses






Two 49ers late-round selections garnered significant bonuses.

A couple of San Francisco 49ers players received positive news recently. The NFL unveiled the top 25 performance-based pay distributions for the 2023 season, with Niners quarterback Brock Purdy and cornerback Deommodore Lenoir making the list.

These bonuses are part of an NFL program that rewards players on rookie contracts who were drafted later based on various factors including draft position and playing time.

Despite Purdy’s accomplishments as a Pro Bowl starting quarterback, he ranked 24th in bonus earnings at $739,795. His playing time is valued equally as other positions due to the formula, and his last-round draft status worked against him. Nonetheless, the bonus nearly doubled his base salary from the previous season.

Lenoir, a fifth-round pick in 2021, received a bonus of $790,744, ranking 14th in the league. He excelled as a starter in all 17 games and also contributed in special teams. Lenoir’s base salary in 2023 was $940,000.


The 49ers have been successful in finding talent in late-round drafts under Kyle Shanahan’s leadership. While these players are usually underpaid during their rookie contracts, performance bonuses like these help bridge the gap.



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