The Pittsburgh Steelers may complete their lineup by signing All-Pro safety position 


There is an opportunity for the Pittsburgh Steelers to potentially enhance their defense with the addition of All-Pro safety Justin Simmons.

The Pittsburgh Steelers might believe that there are no available free agents who can fill the void in their defense as a slot cornerback. However, by thinking creatively, they could find a significant solution by bringing in Justin Simmons to strengthen their secondary.

While the Steelers do have options for the slot cornerback role on their team, such as Damontae Kazee, DeShon Elliott, Darius Rush, and Trenton Thompson, there is uncertainty surrounding their readiness. This uncertainty stems from Rush’s limited experience as a second-year player and Thompson’s need to prove himself.

While Kazee and Elliott could be suitable for the slot cornerback position, this might hinder the team’s ability to deploy three-safety formations, a strategy they have utilized for several years.


Therefore, the idea of adding Justin Simmons could be appealing. By signing Simmons as a safety, the Steelers could potentially move Elliott or Kazee to the slot cornerback role. This move would allow them to maintain their three-safety formations and provide Rush and Thompson with the opportunity to develop further.


It remains to be seen what the market value for Simmons is currently. Initially estimated as an $11 million signing at the start of free agency, the lack of activity may have reduced that figure. For a player of Simmons’ caliber, a contract below $10 million per year could be enticing for any team, especially one looking to bolster their secondary.


While this may only be a temporary solution, it could prove to be a significant one for the Steelers. If they can secure Simmons and continue to build their defense, it would give them flexibility to address other positions, such as outside cornerbacks, offensive tackles, and centers, in the upcoming NFL Draft.fety, Justin Simmons.


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