Mavs’ Kyrie Irving Confessed: Steph Curry ‘Set the Bar’ for NBA PGs





Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is the measuring stick in the eyes of the Dallas Mavericks’ Kyrie Irving.

Following a 108-106 victory over Golden State, Irving advised newshounds that Curry “set the bar for a lot of us point guards (and) where we favor to be.”


“We’re nonetheless chasing his legacy,” the eight-time All-Star added.

There’s actually a subset of NBA fans who reflect on consideration on Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson to be the greatest factor protect ever, and he likely stays the consensus choice.


In the same way Magic made people rethink what a factor defend may want to be, though, Curry has written a new blueprint for others to follow.

Beyond the person and team accolades the 36-year-old has enjoyed, his signature style has been emulated through his friends and filtered down to decrease degrees of the sport.


Whereas youthful players a generation or two ago desired to be the next Magic, now Curry is the player a lot of aspiring point guards will have in mind. And it should be a long time earlier than another playmaker comes alongside who can surpass or even suit his wide influence. 


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