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Gayle Benson sack manager Mickey Loomis today for..

Gayle Benson sack manager Mickey Loomis today for..


Mickey Loomis gives outrageous reason why Saints didn’t fire Dennis Allen

Comparing Allen to Hall of Fame coaches is an intereresting strategy


The New Orleans Saints went 9-8 in the 2023 season but with one of the easiest schedules in the league, fans expected more from Dennis Allen’s bunch. The Saints lost out on the NFC South title to the Buccaneers and now are riding a three-year playoff drought.

Saints GM Mickey Loomis still believes that Allen is the right man for the job, though. He even went so far as to explain how Chuck Noll, Bill Belichick, and Tom Landry all struggled early in their coaching careers but went on to become icons.

Saints GM Mickey Loomis isn’t giving up on Dennis Allen

While I get that Allen is his guy and he’s trying to do right by him, comparing Allen, a coach who has just one winning season in five seasons, to two Hall of Fame coaches and future Hall of Fame coach is quite a stretch.

Allen struggled mightily during his first head coaching stint, which came with the Raiders in 2012. He was fired early in the 2014 season after that season’s team failed to win a game through the first month of the season. Allen won just eight games in Oakland.

Saints fans figured he’d be the hire after Sean Payton suddenly stepped away and there was some thought that maybe his time as a defensive coordinator had changed him and he could be a good coach. Unfortunately, that hasn’t proven to be true. He’s won 16 games in two seasons in New Orleans but the Week 18 incident showed that he’s someone who doesn’t mind throwing his players under the bus if it makes him look better.


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