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Boston Bruins suspended Charlie Coyle today

Boston Bruins suspended Charlie Coyle today.


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Duncan Keith slashes Charlie Coyle viciously; should he be suspended?
The Department of Player Safety will likely be contacting Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith after he gave Minnesota Wild winger Charlie Coyle a severe cut to the face. On the play, Keith received a match penalty.



Tensions between the Blackhawks and Wild are inevitable given their three straight postseason encounters, but Chicago defender Duncan Keith went too far with his aggressiveness on Tuesday night.



Charlie Coyle, a Wild winger, struck Keith midway through the first period when he was trying to handle the puck in the Minnesota zone. Keith was thrown onto his back by Coyle’s hit, and the Blackhawks blueliner took offense. Keith, who was lying on his back, struck Coyle in the face with his stick and drew blood:


Fortunately, Coyle’s injuries from the slash were not too severe, and the Wild medical team was able to heal him. He would ultimately sit out around five minutes of action, but he came back with five minutes left in the first quarter and played a couple shifts before the first session ended. Keith’s night came to an end after the slash; he was given a five-minute match penalty for intentionally hurting someone and was removed from the game.


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