”I can’t take $16.7 million anymore” – Coach Hubert Davis sign out with UNC  today  

”I can’t take $16.7 million anymore” – Coach Hubert Davis sign out with UNC  today


Hubert Davis is the head coach of one of the most illustrious teams in collegiate basketball, and he comes with a big salary along with respect. Since taking over as head coach of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, Davis has garnered admiration and praises from supporters and analysts for stirring and strategic team leadership. However, his coaching abilities are not the only thing that are outstanding; the financial aspect of the job is intriguing as well.

Hubert Davis’ total salary for the 2023–24 season was $2.6 million, ranking him ninth among ACC coaches. His salary for the school is $1.85 million. After guiding UNC to the national championship game in 2022, Davis signed a six-year contract extension in March 2022, worth an estimated $16.7 million, just over $4 million per season. Virginia’s Tony Bennett is the highest-paid coach in the league.


In addition to his pay, Davis earned an extra $2–3 million from sponsorship deals. It’s also important to remember that, during his best NBA season, he made almost $4 million playing for the Detroit Pistons in 2003–04. The 53-year-old has a second contract with Nike that is allegedly worth $750,000 in addition to his coaching agreement with UNC.


Beyond the financial side, Davis’ salary is a reflection of his success on the court and his impact on the UNC basketball program. Under his leadership, the Tar Heels continue to compete at a high level, compete for championships and maintain their status as a perennial power in college basketball. Davis’ ability to recruit top talent, acquire players and goes through the rigours of the ACC further solidifies its value to the university and its athletic program.


While Davis leads the Tar Heels offensively, his salary is a reward for past accomplishments and an incentive for future success. At any given moment, expectations remain high, and the pressure to deliver results intensifies. But amidst the challenges and scrutiny, Davis remains steadfast in his commitment to the program and his pursuit of greatness.


In fact, Hubert Davis’ reward is not just a reflection of his coaching skills but the value of college sports and the individuals who shape his landscape as he guides the UNC Tar Heels in their quest for glory. His lasting college basketball legacy, symbolized by players, fans and the community, stands as proof of its tremendous impact





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