Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears suspended Jaylon Johnson today


Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson announces emotional personal battle after signing new contract


LAKE FOREST, IL (AP) — Jaylon Johnson became one of the highest-paid NFL defensive players only after a private mental and emotional personal battle.


The Chicago Bears’ fifth-year cornerback signed a four-year contract extension last week for a reported $76 million, and on Monday he revealed he regarded it as a personal triumph not merely because it confirmed his football abilities.


“I went to therapy last season for sexual addiction,” Johnson said. “That was the hardest thing for me to open up to my therapist about.


“That is something nobody knew about.”


Johnson had four of his five career interceptions last season and was second-team All-Pro during a contract year. Pro Football Focus graded him the top cornerback in the league last season.


Johnson said he felt compelled to announce his personal struggles.


“It’s like, man, we’re human, too,” Johnson said. “We go through things. Everybody goes through things. But I feel like people (think), like you’ve got to put a mask on, you’ve got to cover it up.


“It’s like, no, it’s OK to go through things. It’s OK to seek help. It’s OK to be vulnerable.”




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