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” IM LEAVING ” Yankees star Juan Soto sad about his Career

” IM LEAVING ” Yankees star Juan Soto sad about his Career….


Why is the future of Dominican Juan Soto with the Yankees still uncertain?



Brian Cashman broke his silence in the face of questions about Juan Soto’s future in the New York Yankees


The current MLB season remains in progress. The New York Yankees had a great start and, for now, remain in second place in the American League East with a 15-8 record, only behind the Baltimore Orioles with a 14-7 record. Therefore, fans of the ‘Bronx Bombers’ trust that the team will be the protagonist in the postseason.

One of the arrivals at the beginning of the season that caused special excitement was Juan Soto, a Dominican player who has stood out in his at-bats and demonstrated enough potential to remain on the Yankees roster. Soto was acquired from the San Diego Padres last offseason and his contract will expire at the end of this one.

It is widely believed that Juan Soto, one of the most sought-after players in Major League Baseball, is expecting a contract worth around $500 million. This would make him one of the highest-paid players in the league. While the locals would certainly welcome his arrival in the Yankees, it won’t be an easy task to secure his services.


Both the Yankees and the Mets are considered favorites to sign him in free agency. General manager Brian Cashman has finally broken his silence and addressed questions about Soto’s future with the franchise.


Everyone knows he is a great player. He is very committed to the project, he has seemed very close to all of his colleagues. He is willing to let everyone influence his game. He has a great personality. It feels like he’s been here for a long time,” noted Cashman, for MLB Network Radio.

We would love to have him for a long time, but we will certainly enjoy him in the short term,” he added forcefully.


He has a great relationship with the fans, you can see it with his body language. He is very open with his colleagues. We want to have it for a long time; we are very lucky to have it, and we will enjoy it for the period we have it,” the boss continued.


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