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Recently – Dak prescott has agree to terms with Green Bay Packers over $180 million to depart from the cowboys

Recently – Dak prescott has agree to terms with Green Bay Packers over $180 million to depart from the cowboys.




Cowboys news: Prescott, Lamb contracts dominate Dallas’ pre-draft discussion

The latest news surrounding the Dallas Cowboys.


Despite the deadlock in contract negotiations, it seems Dallas still wants Dak.

The Cowboys must strike a balance between their massive board and the necessity of securing current cornerstone players for the future as the 2024 NFL Draft draws near. This comprises Micah Parsons, CeeDee Lamb, and Dak Prescott, who are known as “The Big 3” in Dallas.



“We’d like to see more leaves fall,” said owner and general manager Jerry Jones, speaking from the team’s pre-draft press conference. “We’d like to see more action. It’s called option quarterback. I’ve spent my life [playing] option quarterback. I want to see some more cards played.”



In other words, Jones and the Cowboys don’t feel they have enough information — be it from the player’s side of the negotiation and the market itself — to formulate their offers, understanding fully that conventional wisdom dictates the longer the wait, the more expensive the contract.



All told, the front office in Dallas prefers to move slowly and deliberately.

“When you’re talking about big contracts like Dak, CeeDee and Micah, those things don’t happen overnight,” said executive vice president and director of player personnel Stephen Jones. “Those things take time. There’s timing based on what other teams are doing at their position.



“There’s a lot of moving parts. Certainly, you wanna get it right. … When you’re paying the type of money we ultimately will have to, to keep them, you wanna make sure you get it right.”


In other words, what’s the holdup?


Not everyone left Tuesday’s news conference feeling satisfied.

After Tuesday’s pre-draft news conference, most Cowboys supporters were left feeling either angry or perplexed. very likely both of them.


Despite all the attention-grabbing statements and sports talk show soundbites that emerged from the Q&A, there was one moment where Jones could have made a mistake and revealed the real deal.


Jerry and Stephen Jones were able to fan the flames that were ignited following his iconic “all in” remarks for a duration of fifty-two minutes. They were agitated as they attempted to defend the fact that 100 days after being eliminated from the playoffs, their three most valuable players are still awaiting contract extensions. They explained the salary cap’s operation as though it were a novel idea that was simply too difficult for the typical fan to understand.

Put simply, despite the fact that they haven’t assembled a championship lineup in thirty years, they tried to project the image of rocket scientists with a unique grasp of the subject.


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