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Sad; Scoot Henderson’s career is going to end completely

Sad; Scoot Henderson’s career is going to end completely…


How Scoot Henderson and Trail Blazers Fans Can Continue to Be Married
A lesson about valuing individuals for their unique qualities.


Of all the Portland Trail Blazers players mentioned in submissions to the Blazer’s Edge Mailbag, Scoot Henderson outweighs the entire rest of the team by a 2-to-1 ratio. Anfernee Simons stands at the center of the hottest controversy in Blazers Nation right now, a victim of his own prowess (and offense-domination) since his return from injury. But Henderson is going to win the marathon race this year for the most controversial Blazer overall.


Scoot’s advocates and detractors duel it out in my inbox on a daily basis. Most ask for justification, but some want judication, as demonstrated in this submission.



What do you think of Scoot now? He is getting better by the eye test as far as my eye can see but he is still a bench player and I don’t know if he could or should move into the starting lineup ahead of Ant or Shae or even Brogdon. Most of all I can’t shake the feeling of disappointment that I thought we’d have more by now. They traded Dame for this guy after all. Can you take away some of my buyers remorse or is it justified?

Bobby B


This discussion starts and ends with a basic affirmation when dealing with human beings. If you want to survive, let alone thrive, in relationship with anybody, you have to adjust your expectations.



Anyone who’s ever been married (or in any kind of serious romantic relationship or friendship) understands this. You cement the union with a fancy day full of cake and dancing. Everything is as near-perfect as you can make it. Then, beginning the moment you drive away from the party, you spend the rest of your lives trying to figure out how to make it work.



At the beginning, the expectations of each person are as shiny and pristine as the idealistic celebration was. “My spouse will love me in every moment, always be happy and cheery, give me foot rubs and brandy-laced coffees whenever I desire! Music will sound in my head every time they enter the room and their kisses will taste as sweet as nectar.” Then ten seconds later you’re having a full-on fight in the Walmart peanut butter aisle because they only eat crunchy and your family always bought creamy.






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