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ESPN – Miami Marlins has landed a new catcher worth $10 million

ESPN – Miami Marlins has landed a new catcher worth $10 million

Peter Bendix has a plan for the Miami Marlins




The Miami Marlins were in the process of concluding their trade of Luis Arráez when the first pitch of their Friday night opener in Oakland arrived. This led to an awkward scene where Arráez, in full uniform, stood in the dugout among teammates who were about to become former ones, obviously unsure of what to do with himself.



It happened to be May 3rd. The season in Major League Baseball was just five weeks old. In those conditions, a trade of any type is extremely uncommon, much less one including the current National League hitting champion. Arráez appeared on live television, perhaps signaling the beginning of yet another breakdown.



During Peter Bendix’s first six months as the Marlins’ president of baseball operations, he mostly stood pat during the offseason, watched as Miami lost 24 of its first 33 games, then traded its most beloved player for a package of four San Diego Padres prospects, a series of events that has drawn the ire of a beleaguered market. All of it, Bendix stressed, aligns with his aspirations of building a consistent winner to break the rebuild cycle that has defined the Marlins’ three-decade existence. But it could take time. Lots of it.






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