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Despite Securing HOF Credentials, Lamar Jackson Written Off After Losing to Patrick Mahomes’ Shaky Chiefs


Despite being a 2x MVP, Lamar Jackson still draws scrutiny to himself to this day. While we saw the Baltimore Ravens playing well through the regular season, part of that was the Ravens’ defense and Lamar Jackson’s run game. But the team choked in the playoffs and lost 10-17 to the Kansas City Chiefs. Since then, there have been a lot of questions looming around the team.




On the First Things First show, Nick Wright and his associates tried to predict Lamar Jackson’s upcoming season.



In a bag of mixed reactions, Nick Wright’s assessment of the Ravens quarterback stood out as he predicted that the team won’t make it beyond the playoffs next year.



The elephant in the room was whether Wright had more or less “faith” in Lamar Jackson after seeing the Ravens’ performance. Unfortunately, Wright held the QB in a negative light as he explained his point of view.



Per the host, Lamar Jackson had everything set up for him, but still had a bad game against the Chiefs.


“He had as good of a regular season as he possibly could have, everything was in place, and he had another ‘huh’ playoff game.



So why would I think that it’s going to be different? He was bad in that Chiefs game,” said Wright as he went on to point out a flaw in the QB.


He was so bad that the biggest criticism of the Ravens were, they give him too many opportunities to be bad.


That they should have handled the ball off more,” expanded the host on the Ravens vs. Chiefs game.



The 2x MVP had a sub-par performance as he came up with 272 yards, one touchdown, and an interception. Jackson only had a 54.1% pass completion rate in that game. In shark contrast, Patrick Mahomes had about 77% completed passes in the same game at M&T Bank Stadium.




To add to the disappointment, Wright thinks that Lamar Jackson won’t be in a better position than he was in the last year. However, despite what Wright had pointed out, the QB still overcame many things and has hope for improvement. Jackson even went on to become one of the youngest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to be anointed with two MVP awards. It was the same that Chris Broussard banked on, showcasing his support for Jackson.



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