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Congratulation – American female track star Georganne Moline welcomes her first baby

Congratulation – American female track star Georganne Moline welcomes her first baby


Here, I go by Georganne Moline. I would like to take this opportunity to thank God Almighty for making today truly unforgettable. I have tried so hard to become pregnant, but I was unable. However, when the time came, everything went according to plan, and today, I will dedicate this baby boy to the Lord’s Tent. I would appreciate your support in celebrating this significant milestone, as it is the largest story I have ever experienced in my life. I appreciate you sharing.


The Quiet War: Former track competitors from Arizona discuss their mental battles during competition


Former Arizona track and field athlete Georganne Moline has a glowing smile and passionate voice as she recalls her journey to the 2012 Olympic Games. The 5-foot-10 Arizona native runs the 400-meter hurdle race. She has spent the last five years ranked in the top 10 in the world, but being at the top hasn’t come without challenges.



Athletes devote years of their lives to make the Olympics, and the thrill of the two-week-long games is an environment where athletes can thrive.



But what happens to these athletes after the games are over and the cameras are gone? Moline experienced the emotional aftermath from the games over the next several years.



“2013 was one of the worst years ever,” Moline said. “I will never forget it.”


Moline is a University of Arizona alumna who lives and trains in Tucson. She is sponsored by Nike and has represented Team USA at the Olympics and IAAF World Indoor Championships.


Her breakout season happened when she was just a junior at the UA in 2012. She made the USA Olympic team and was the youngest competitor in the 400-meter hurdles at the 2012 Olympics.


“At the games, I felt so relaxed. I felt like I had no pressure,” Moline said. “No one expected me to do anything.”


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