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Breaking news – LSU Tigers has brutally fired coach Brian Kelly due to…

Breaking news – LSU Tigers has brutally fired coach Brian Kelly due to…



With a $95 million deal, Brian Kelly of LSU believes that the NIL system would be “absolutely crazy” without a pay ceiling.



Without a wage cap, Brian Kelly believes college football is “just absolutely crazy.”


During an interview with Mike Golic on the “Dan LeBatard Show” on Friday, the LSU football coach—who was previously a name frequently mentioned in relation to NFL openings—compared the current collegiate football scene in the NIL and transfer portal world to the professional ranks.



He made a comparison between what he faces in college recruitment and the contracts that await LSU-produced players Jayden Daniels and Malik Nabers, who are projected to be among the top-10 selection picks in the NFL rookie salary scale.



“Look, Jayden Daniels, Malik Nabers, they’re all looking for that rookie signing bonus,” Kelly said, according to “You know, we’re out there recruiting seniors in high school. They’re looking for that freshman signing bonus. The transfer portal, he’s looking for a free-agent bonus. And then the guys on your roster, they want retention bonuses. So, look, it parallels. NIL money is broken down into the three categories that the NFL is paying out, and we’re doing the same thing. Unfortunately, we’re doing without a salary cap and that’s where it makes it just absolutely crazy.”




Of course, Kelly, who jumped from Notre Dame to LSU in 2021, didn’t mention anything about a salary cap on coaches or coaching staffs.



Coaches getting paid whopping sums while “amateur” college athletes played for free was part of the impetus behind NIL.

Kelly signed a 10-year, $95 million contract with LSU in 2022.




National powerhouse LSU’s “problems” also pale in comparison to the have-nots trying to compete in the NIL world.



“You just don’t know what the numbers are from year-to-year,” Kelly said. “So, you know, college football is in a great place. We know there’s a lot of money. The problem is nobody knows what this is going to look like in a couple of years. And if anybody does, please let me know. But we just have to figure out how to cap this so we can move forward.”



Kelly said that he needs to be armed with an answer to “How much?” when he visits a recruit at home these days.



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