Cowboys has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson….

Cowboys shouldn’t let CeeDee Lamb wait for Justin Jefferson to sign before signing him.
The Cowboys ought to take all action possible to secure a better agreement with their own great wide receiver, Justin Jefferson.



At this time, CeeDee Lamb is a real NFL star. The rookie wide receiver is already among the best players in the game at his position after taking the league by storm. Although we already know this to be true, Lambs’ agent is aware of this as well, and the Cowboys will pay him accordingly soon.




When it comes to the contracts of its great players, the Cowboys front office has a history of playing the waiting game. Despite several instances of this technique backfiring on them, the organization hasn’t learned from its past failures. The front office has to close a deal quickly since Lamb is about to reset the market.



If the Dallas Cowboys wait too long it could burn them

This hasn’t been an easy offseason for the Cowboys as they have navigated through impending contracts and ‘tight’ money constraints as a result. While Jerry Jones is waiting for leaves to fall, it may be time to start raking the yard a bit and pay these guys before the number balloons.



Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reported on Sunday morning that Lamb is in no rush for a new contract and is okay with letting the Justin Jefferson domino fall before signing the dotted line.



Lamb and quarterback Dak Prescott are both in the last year of their deals. Fowler reported Sunday on SportsCenter that Prescott is believed to have priority in terms of an extension and that Lamb “okay with that because he’s likely waiting on Justin Jefferson in Minnesota.”



However, the Cowboys brass shouldn’t let it get to that point, and it may be in their best interest to do everything they can now to lock it down now before that unfolds


Comparatively speaking, Lamb has precedent for waiting for the Jefferson shoe to drop. The Vikings WR gets a lot of attention for being at the top of his position, but statistically speaking Lamb has the edge in a few important categories. Lamb has 395 receptions to Jefferson’s 392, and has 35 touchdowns compared to Jefferson’s 32. The only major category the Vikings star has over Lamb is in yards as he has reeled in 5,889 compared to Lambs 5,145.




If the Cowboys are looking to play hard ball with Lamb, the proof is in the numbers. Lamb has gotten better every single season since entering the NFL, and with a future as bright as the sun, the Cowboys star can ask for a king’s ransom.




Dak Prescott’s deal is looming and so is Micah Parsons’. Both of which may very well be at the top of their position, or in the case of Parsons, could potentially be league-altering money. Adding a third guy to the mix in Lamb who will have an astronomical number to contend with doesn’t sound like smart business no matter how you look at it.



The Cowboys have let everyone know at every turn that they have been readying for this day, now it’s time to act like it. Get Lamb done. Give him a number he is comfortable with and if it hits before Jefferson’s does you may win a deal for a change.




Despite Jerry and Co. telling us they have everything under control, they need to show us for a change. Don’t set the market on Lamb, Prescott, or Parsons, be proactive, and get it done before it costs you millions. With endless dominoes set to fall one way or another, this could be a dynamic the front office can control right now if they aren’t too slow to react.




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