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GOOD NEWS: CeeDee Lamb’s contract has been extended…

GOOD NEWS: CeeDee Lamb’s contract has been extended…


The actual cause of the impasse in CeeDee Lamb’s talks with the Cowboys
The wide receiver is delaying committing to a new deal.



CeeDee Lamb, a top wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is apparently waiting to sign a contract extension as he approaches the end of his rookie year.



In a recent “NFL Live” segment, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler disclosed that Lamb “appears to be waiting on [Minnesota Vikings WR] Justin Jefferson” before deciding on a new deal with the Cowboys.



Lamb wants to set new wide receiver benchmark in the NFL

Lamb’s approach is strategic, considering the lucrative extensions recently secured by elite wide receivers such as Philadelphia’sA.J. Brown (three years, $96 million) and Detroit’sAmon-Ra St. Brown (four years, $120.01 million).



Justin Jefferson, a three-time Pro Bowler, is expected to set a new benchmark with his forthcoming contract, potentially influencing Lamb’s negotiations.



“Because Jefferson is also going into the final year of a rookie contract, the St. Brown deal is easier to apply to his situation,” wrote Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.



“And since Jefferson is owed $19.743 million on his fifth-year option, the apples-to-apples equivalent of his deal to St. Brown would bring him about $80 million over the next three years.



Give him the bump for-all due respect to St. Brown-being a better player, and waiting an extra year…do you go to $90 million over the next three years? Or $100 million?”



Lamb’s stellar performance last season, with 135 receptions for 1,749 yards and 12 touchdowns, further underscores his value.



The Cowboys are keen to secure their future with the 25-year-old, yet they face the challenge of managing cap space to maintain a competitive roster.



In 2025, Dallas will need to address contracts for key players like edge-rusher Micah Parsons and cornerback DaRon Bland, adding pressure to their current negotiations.



Fowler also noted in April that Jefferson is focusing on securing guaranteed money in his next contract.

This aspect could also play a crucial role in Lamb’s decision-making process.



“The nature of football incentivizes players to take the sure thing.


Were Lamb to suffer a major injury in 2024, the kind of deal that’s on the table now may not be there next spring,” Fowler commented.


CeeDee Lamb’s strategy poses risks


The Cowboys are reportedly open to letting the market set Lamb’s value.



Given that Jefferson is expected to command around $32.5 million per year, Lamb’s potential deal could be in a similar range.


Spotrac estimates Lamb’s market value at $33.7 million annually over four years, positioning him to become the NFL’s highest-paid receiver by yearly salary.



The waiting game is not without risks.


A significant injury could alter the landscape of potential deals for Lamb.



However, if Jefferson secures a historic contract, Lamb’s patience could lead to a significantly higher payout.


The Cowboys must balance the urgency to extend Lamb with the financial implications for their roster’s future.



As the Cowboys navigate these negotiations, they must also consider the looming contract extensions for other key players like Parsons and quarterback Dak Prescott.


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