Let’s get real here. LeBron James says he wants to stop playing because…

Let’s get real here. LeBron James says he wants to stop playing because…



Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes predict that LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant won’t win another championship. “We see the next wave coming in.”


Barnes and Capitan Jack don’t see any more rings in the ‘old guards’ future.


Unquestionably, the triumvirate of Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry defined a generation. In contrast to other well-known figures, the trio of basketball icons have shown their worth in the sport by winning championships, establishing themselves as the best players to have ever played in the league.



Regretfully, we are currently nearing the end of each other’s careers. Former players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson don’t see any of them winning another title during their careers since Father Time is no longer on their side.



Speaking on their podcast “All The Smoke,” Barnes and Jackson explained why their championship window has closed, pointing to the next generation and new wave of stars as the main culprit.



Jackson“We see the next wave coming in. I honestly don’t feel Bron is going to see another one in L.A. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think they’ll be able to put the right team unless KD goes to L.A., and the only way I see KD and Steph getting another one is if they partner up again. So I would have to say KD and Steph if they partner up,” he said.



Barnes: “I would simply say that, in terms of foundation structure management, Steph has the best ability to make things happen, whether it involves bringing in KD or someone else. We’ve seen that the Lakers front staff hasn’t performed particularly well, sadly,” he continued.



A change of guard
It’s difficult to refute them given this season’s results, which saw Curry miss out on the postseason and Durant and LeBron exit the first round in four and five games, respectively.



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