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Breaking; Cowboys has permanently suspended Dak Prescott due to….

Breaking; Cowboys has permanently suspended Dak Prescott due to….



Dak Prescott’s future with the Dallas Cowboys takes a new path that may anger fans



The star quarterback is about to head into the final year of his $160m deal in Texas

Dak Prescott‘s future with the Dallas Cowboys has been one of the biggest conversations of the NFL‘s offseason as he enters the final year of his contract, but the NFC East winners are not set to let their star quarterback go just yet…



The 30-year-old had an excellent 2023/24 season during which he threw for 4516 yards and 36 touchdowns (NFL leader) from 590 attempts, allowing just nine interceptions whilst he was also sacked 39 times as the Cowboys made it to the postseason.

However, the Green Bay Packers soundly eliminated them from the playoffs 48–32 on a night when Prescott still completed 403 yards on 60 attempts for three touchdowns, two interceptions, and four sacks. It is evident that the Cowboys don’t hold him accountable for the outcome.

According quarterback Jeremy Fowler, “they are all in on re-signing Dak Prescott, eventually,” per ESPN. “They simply haven’t displayed it yet. It’s been communicated to me that they have explicitly stated that they do not want him to become a free agent in 2025.



Why is it imperative to extend Prescott’s deal?

If Prescott should hit free agency, then he can go anywhere and there will be a lot of smaller teams willing to offer huge money to attract a talent of that magnitude, something the Cowboys simply can’t justify.

As a result, it will be a priority to get his name written along the dotted line to ensure his future at the AT&T Stadium in what could be his final contract with the franchise as he turns 31 in July.

Prescott, however, as recently as April 2024, is open to the idea of going elsewhere even though he stressed his commitment is to the Cowboys since he currently represents them.








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