Lakers has landed NBA superstar over $215 million for the season…

Lakers has landed NBA superstar over $215 million for the season…



Ranking How Realistically The Lakers Could Land NBA Superstars Including Kevin Durant And Trae Young

Exploring the Lakers’ chances of landing top NBA superstars like Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, and Trae Young this offseason.

Among the NBA’s most devoted supporters, Lakers fans begin each offseason with high hopes of signing a superstar. Dreams of signing players like Devin Booker, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant typically start the summer, but more practical names like Gabe Vincent, Spencer Dinwiddie, and other reliable role players usually win out in the end.



The Los Angeles Lakers history always maintains the door open for elite players, even when those lofty goals don’t always materialize. The Lakers’ front management will be working hard to get a big player to join LeBron James and Anthony Davis, as it seems expected that James will resign. Stars searching for a new home may find the squad to be an alluring option due to their legendary past and current success.



Today, we’re diving into how realistic it is for the Lakers to land each superstar this summer. From possible trade scenarios to salary cap moves, we’ll cover all the bases and give you a clear picture of what it would take for the Lakers to add another big name to their roster for the 2024-25 season.



Trae Young had a stellar 2023-24 season, averaging 25.7 points, 10.8 assists, and 2.8 rebounds over 54 games. Despite his shine, the Atlanta Hawks struggled, finishing with a 36-46 record, missing the playoffs, and ranking 10th in the Eastern Conference. This lackluster performance has sparked speculation about potential changes in the Hawks’ roster during the offseason with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.



The Hawks’ offseason moves involve evaluating their core players and possibly taking significant action to reshape the team. With a defensive rating ranked 27th in the league and a net rating of -2.2, it’s clear the Hawks have issues that need addressing. These statistics reflect a team that, despite offensive talents like Young, has not been able to compete at a high level consistently.



Rumors have been circulating about Trae Young being a potential trade candidate. His ability to create plays and score would be a massive asset to any team, making him a valuable trade piece if the Hawks decide to go in a different direction. The Lakers, with their storied history and championship aspirations, are always on the lookout for adding star power to their roster.



A realistic trade package for Trae Young might include promising young talents like Austin Reaves and seasoned players like D’Angelo Russell, coupled with significant draft picks, such as the No. 17 pick and a 2029 first-round pick. This package would provide the Hawks with both immediate contributors and future assets, aligning with a potential rebuild or retooling strategy.



For the Lakers, acquiring Trae Young would bring in a dynamic playmaker who can alleviate the playmaking responsibilities from LeBron James and complement Anthony Davis. With LeBron expected to re-sign, the Lakers are highly motivated to build a championship-caliber team around him. Adding a young star like Trae Young would significantly boost their chances, making this trade scenario quite realistic.




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