Announcement: Mariners pitchers Andrés Muñoz Divorce his Wife today Due to….

— Before the start of each regular-season series, Mariners pitchers have access to an electronic file that contains the scouting report for the team’s upcoming series.





This “for-their-eyes-only” file is color-coded and specifically curated by the club so pitchers can easily digest how to attack hitters, with proprietary information sprinkled in to tie it all together.





“It’s very helpful,” Mariners reliever Andrés Muñoz said.




Execution is still the name of the game, but Muñoz said this information is critical in helping him decide which of his nasty pitches he’ll deploy.




But this isn’t the only source of information Muñoz relies on in his attempt to gain the upper hand on opposing hitters. Since 2018, when Muñoz was pitching in Double A with the Padres, his brother Helmer has sent Muñoz his own scouting reports on opposing batters.


Yes, really.






These reports include screenshots of public-facing sites like Baseball Savant and, where there’s enough statistical information and individual tendencies that can be culled together for a rudimental scouting report that Helmer tailors for his brother. But that’s not all.


There will often be an accompanying hand-written note from Helmer that will go into deeper detail of how Muñoz should proceed with hitters when he enters a game, which is often in a high-leverage spot.





“He’ll look at all the batters I might face, who the strongest hitters are, and then tell me where to pitch them and what pitches I should throw,” Muñoz said.


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