NBA Trade Rumours: D’Angelo Russell Landing To Chicago Bulls After___see more….

Are the Chicago Bulls lowering their asking price for Zach LaVine?






Are the Chicago Bulls lowering their asking price for star guard Zach LaVine? Rumbles around the NBA media hint that this could very well be going down behind the scenes as Bulls general manager Arturas Karnisovas and the rest of the front office look to revamp the roster after a few disastrous seasons in a row.





With rumors that not just the Philadelphia 76ers having interest in trading for the UCLA alum’s hefty contract, but also the Los Angeles Lakers, we could be inching toward the end of the LaVine era in Chicago in the next few weeks of the 2024 offseason.






The hosts of the “CHGO Bulls” podcast were as excited about the prospect of a major roster reset as fans of the team are for the most part, and put together a clip talking us though what this new development means for the Bulls moving forward.


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