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Breaking: Andrés Muñoz has been ejected by the Seattle Mariners today due to…

Breaking: Andrés Muñoz has been ejected by the Seattle Mariners today due to…



What Is Known About Andres Munoz’s Injury, the Star Mariners Player
Tuesday in the bottom of the ninth inning, top closer Andres Munoz of the Seattle Mariners departed the game due to a collision at home plate. What we now know is as follows:



After leaving Tuesday’s 4-3 victory over the Oakland Athletics due to an injury in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Seattle Mariners are still waiting for official news about the health of closer Andres Munoz.



Munoz threw a wild pitch that resulted in a run being scored, and he was hurt trying to cover the plate. Although Munoz’s injury looked to be to his ankle at the time, we found out after the game that he really had a back problem.



Per Daniel Kramer of

Andrés Muñoz has been dealing with a lower back issue, which flared up during the collision. Scott Servais said that he’ll undergo an MRI.

After the collision at the plate, Munoz threw one warmup pitch and then removed himself from the game. He was seen walking, generally comfortably, back to the clubhouse. Tayler Saucedo finished out the game by getting the last out.

Kramer added that Munoz didn’t want to talk after the game and would wait until results of an MRI come back on Wednesday, but this is a worrisome development for the M’s.

Already without Matt Brash (season) and Gregory Santos (until at least July), the M’s bullpen has been kind of a deck of cards this season. Munoz has been the anchor down there, going 2-2 with a 1.73 ERA. He has 12 saves and should contend for an All-Star spot this year.

The Mariners can ill-afford to lose him but given how problematic back injuries can be, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him take a few days off – at least.

We’ll have more when the MRI results are known…


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