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ESPN: Raiders has officially suspended Maxx Crosby today following…

ESPN: Raiders has officially suspended Maxx Crosby today following…



Maxx Crosby embraces “crazy” fandom he drew in Texas rather than playing at Eastern Michigan: “High school was more lit”



Maxx Crosby, a defensive end for the Eastern Michigan Eagles, was picked by the Las Vegas Raiders (formerly the Oakland Raiders) and went on to become a standout in the NFL. Crosby is regarded as one of the league’s most gifted defensive players and has appeared in two Pro Bowls.



During a recent “Heritage Barstool” podcast appearance, the outspoken Crosby detailed how much bigger the high school football fandom was than some college football fandoms comparing his high school career in Texas to his Eagles career.



“I originally grew up in Michigan. I moved to Texas and I played 6A, like the highest division, 15,000 in the crowd, packed out. Like the whole parking lot is tail-gating. I mean it was crazy, the environment was like nothing I’d ever seen,” Crosby said



“Then I end up going to Eastern (Michigan) and we had less fans. At least my first two years, we had less fans in my college games like no tailgating, we were the worst team in college football. ‘I was like high school was more lit than this.’ But we ended up changing that,” Crosby said.



Maxx Crosby builds Eastern Michigan legacy



Maxx Crosby totaled 41 tackles for loss, good for No. 3 in the Eastern Michigan Eagles’ history, and is No. 1 for sacks in the program’s history. He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft and went on to become a dominant force in the NFL.




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