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Report; T.J. Watt has been ruled out today….

Report; T.J. Watt has been ruled out today…


Steelers Youngster Staking His Claim With T.J. Watt On Vacation


Have you ever been concerned that if you took a long vacation or a leave of absence due to a parent or illness, a young, promising employee may replace you at work? If yes, you may share a same interest with T.J. Watt, a standout player for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Linebacker Nick Herbig, entering his second season, is making the most of Watt’s vacation in Austria during OTAs. The fact that veteran Watt is enjoying himself in Europe won’t lead him to lose his job; this isn’t likely to be a contemporary NFL equivalent of Major League Baseball’s classic Wally Pipp tale.



Herbig, however, is determined to make an impression no matter what, considering how fleeting NFL careers can be (via The Athletic’s Mark Kaboly):



I see this as an opportunity to improve and face a player like Broderick (Jones), a 2023 first-round tackle. It is imperative that you seize such possibilities.



Herbig needs to put in more effort than merely work to gain recognition and increase his playing time. There’s more to it than just the second-year player’s desire to get better. The coaching staff of the Steelers has an opportunity to learn more about Herbig during this time as well.




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