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Breaking: Mark Cuban has lamented why he bought the Dallas Mavericks. The outcome

Breaking: Mark Cuban has lamented why he bought the Dallas Mavericks. The outcome



How Long Has Mark Cuban Owned The Dallas Mavericks? Every Detail on Why Business Mogul Bought It, How Much He Sold It For & Current Value


Being the owner of an NBA team comes with a lot of challenges. With billions at stake, every move you make has significant positive or negative consequences. However, one person who has excelled at this role for more than two decades and made billions off his initial investment while also taking his team to new heights is the Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban.

While Cuban recently sold his stake and became the minority owner of the franchise, it was not always this way. Let’s dive deeper into Cuban’s iconic journey as the owner of the Mavs and what eventually led to him selling the team that he built.


Being a season ticket holder of the Mavs long before he became an owner, Cuban once revealed in an interview that he went to attend the season opener only to be disappointed by the lack of energy in the crowd. Moreover, the franchise failed to sell-out the arena on opening night. And that left him wondering, “I was sitting there going, I can do a better job than this.” While many people would have had a similar thought considering the Mavs at that point were the laughing stock of the league, Cuban had the money to make his wish come true.


Then, purchasing the team’s majority stake for $285 million in the beginning of 2000, Cuban officially became the owner of the team. Apart from his ambition of making the Mavs a respectable franchise, Cuban also made the move because of his love for the game. Recently making an appearance on The Draymond Green Show, the multi-billionaire pounced at the opportunity because he anyway played pick-up games three to five times a week and this way, he would get a chance to play with legends like Dirk Nowitzki. Because of his excitement, Cuban didn’t even try to cut down the asking price of his new purchase, “I didn’t even negotiate. I was like Yes, whatever.”


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