CONGRATULATIONS: Jimmy Butler welcomes a new born baby…

CONGRATULATIONS: Jimmy Butler welcomes a new born baby…



Jimmy Butler’s daughter, Rylee, with ex-girlfriend Kaitlin Nowak.



NBA players are among the greatest stars in Hollywood, always attracting attention from the public. In a similar vein, famous kids are always in the spotlight because of their supermodel parents. Luckily, their parents have opted to keep their lives secret, so people like Jimmy Butler’s daughter don’t really need to worry.



Rylee Butler is a famous young American. She is well-known for being the child of Jimmy Butler and Kaitlin Nowak, his former partner. Jimmy is a well-known American professional basketball player, and Kaitlin is a social media influencer, fashion model, businesswoman, and blogger.




Rylee Butler is who? Born in Miami, Pennsylvania, on October 23, 2019, she is a famous American child. She is of mixed race and nationality from the United States. She has a mixed African-American and African-Polish ancestry. Is Rylee Butler related to anyone? She is her parents’ only child. Her parents are well-known, but not much is known about her. Her parents have made the decision to withhold information about their daughter. The parents of Rylee Butler Who are the parents of Rylee Butler? Her parents are Kaitlin Nowak, Jimmy Butler’s former lover, and the well-known NBA player. Here is further information about them:




Rylee’s father, Jimmy Butler III, was born on 14 September 1989 in Houston, Texas, United States. He had a troubled childhood as his father abandoned them in infancy. At 13, while living in the Houston suburb of Tomball, his mother kicked him out of the house.





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