The luxurious Giants have Options Over J.J. McCarthy at 2024 NFL Draft



If they take one of them, they won’t want J.J Mcarthy right away.

And so, identifying the most NFL-ready quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft is not a project the Giants want to ace.

The enchantment nowadays round the league is toward journey — seem to be how many games this guy started! — however the Giants do not have to with the crowd with this one.

If they are intent on the usage of their pretty lofty choose in the first round — No. 6 average — to discover the subsequent leader of the offense and the franchise, they can seem beyond 2024 and try to assign what the prospect will seem like a year or two from now.

The Giants have Daniel Jones, returning from ACL surgical procedure and, if he is healthy, he will be the opening day starter.

Drew Lock used to be signed to serve as the backup. 


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