How Laker’s Draymond Green Escaped Punishment After Dangerous Play On Patty Mills 







NBA. The stunning stat that indicates how refs closely want the Los Angeles Lakers Draymond Green committed a violent act on Patty Mills, grabbing him by the neck in the Golden State Warriors 92-113 win over the Miami Heat.


Draymond Green was once known as out for a standard personal foul, to the dismay of the Heat game’s television announcers and the followers at Miami’s Kaseya Center, who expected him to have been assessed a flagrant private foul.

The controversial Warriors energy ahead completed the recreation with four points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists and two steals.

Draymond Green grabbed Patty Mills through the neck and pulled him down on this play.


The refs reviewed it and referred to as it a frequent foul on Green 


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