Justin Jefferson’s Destination Named in Trade For Vikings’ 



If the Minnesota Vikings exchange vast receiver Justin Jefferson, should the Los Angeles Chargers signify a manageable touchdown spot for him?

Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox thinks so.

It simply makes sense, considering that the Chargers just subtracted their top two huge outs this offseason in trading Keenan Allen and releasing Mike Williams.


Justin Herbert will want someone to throw to, and what better option than Jefferson?

Of course, this is assuming the Vikings will even put Jefferson on the change block to start with, however it genuinely seems to be more of a opportunity now than it did a month ago.

Of course, Minnesota would possibly ask for extra than just the No. 5 pick, but with Herbert already in area in LA, it may now not be a horrific thought for the Bolts to pull the set off and lay down a enormous package for Justin Jefferson. They would also of course need to sign him to an extension 


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