These 5 49ers players are facing a critical offseason in 2024.




Which 49ers are facing a crucial offseason in 2024?

Primarily, it’s a challenging time for five players who need to step up their game or risk losing their spots on the team.

With incoming talent, there is always a need for some existing talent to make way. This raises the question of which five 49ers players are facing a pivotal offseason in 2024.

Drake Jackson, the top 2022 draft pick, has struggled to showcase his potential since joining the team due to injury setbacks.

Ambry Thomas, who has been on this list multiple times, is looking to secure a roster spot amidst competition from new signings and potential draft picks.

Spencer Burford had a promising start as a rookie but needs a strong offseason to regain a significant role on the team.

Cameron Latu, a high draft pick from last season, faces stiff competition for a spot in the tight end rotation.

Lastly, the surprising third-round draft of kicker Jake Moody calls for an improved performance in his second year to justify his selection.


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