Reason Why These Brothers reunion in Dallas was not Possible


The Dallas Cowboys rumors about possibly trading for Stefon Diggs from the Buffalo Bills turned out to be false, as he was traded to the Houston Texans instead.

Despite some speculation, the Cowboys were unlikely to make a move for Diggs due to the high cost and commitment involved in his contract.

This news comes as a disappointment for some, including Trevon Diggs, Stefon’s brother and a star cornerback for the Cowboys.

Recent Dallas Cowboys rumors regarding a potential trade involving Trevon Diggs’ brother, Stefon Diggs, have been deemed false. Stefon Diggs was actually traded from the Buffalo Bills to the Houston Texans for a significant sum.

The Cowboys were unlikely to pursue such a deal due to the high cost and long-term financial implications.

Despite speculation and hope from both brothers, a reunion in Dallas was never on the cards.


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