Breaking News; Golden State Warriors suspended Klay Thompson today

Breaking News; Golden State Warriors suspended Klay Thompson today.


Klay Thompson Blamed for Warriors’ Devastating Playoffs Exit as Celtics Champion Goes on Twitter Rant.


With the Sacramento Kings demolishing the Golden State Warriors in the play-in tournament, this might be the final time we have witnessed the dynasty come together. Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson were helpless in the second half of this do-or-die game. After losing 118-94 to the Kings, former Boston Celtics icon Kendrick Perkins went on to tweet all of his thoughts about the Warriors’ blowout loss. However, the highlight was him pointing the blame towards Klay Thompson.

Perkins did not hold back in criticizing the Warriors. It started right during halftime when the Warriors were trailing by just 4 points. The 2008 champion tweeted, The Warriors do know that it’s no tomorrow if they lose tonight right?“. Sadly, Stephen Curry and Co. never turned the game up. Keegan Murray from the Kings was torching from the 3-point line, to finish the game with 32 points. However, Thompson on the other hand, did not score a single point, despite playing 32 minutes on the court.

Perkins tweeted, “Klay hasn’t made it to the arena yet”, taking a jab at the 4x champion for his underwhelming performance. Perkins did not stop here. He also took a shot at the Warriors by mentioning the exit of their former GM, Bob Myers.


Myers left the Warriors dynasty right before the start of this season. He was crucial in adding a lot of notable talents to the team. Perkins wrote about it, “Old Bob Myers got outta there at the right time!”, yet again mocking the Dub Nation for their 24-point loss in a crucial game.


As the Warriors’ volatile season has come to an end today, once again Thompson’s future with the team stands as a big question mark. However, Perkins has a solution for that as well.

Kendrick Perkins suggests a new “scenery” for Klay Thompson

Thompson is expecting a max deal from the Golden State Warriors for his contribution over the decade. His five-year, $190 million contract has come to an end with this season. However, he is not favorable to get another max deal for the next 3-4 years. Perkins is suggesting that the 34-year-old should find a new team for the final phase of his career. Notably, he shared this even before the Warriors-Kings games started today.



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