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”I need Raiders help” The freezing of Aidan O’Connell’s account has completely destroyed his life and

”I need Raiders help” The freezing of Aidan O’Connell’s account has completely destroyed his life and

Raiders Quarterback: The case for rolling with Aidan O’Connell, Gardner Minshew

Price likely to be too steep to trade up for a QB; Las Vegas should use picks on other needs


The quarterback situation for the Las Vegas Raiders frequently sparks heated back and forth discussion. I’ve argued in favor of taking risks, particularly when starting at quarterback. Go grab that quarterback prospect, please, if Las Vegas determines who it needs.



Even yet, I understand that there are legitimate worries about being bold. Being risk-aware rather than risk-averse is how I feel about franchises.


O’Connell played in 11 games this past season and started 10 compiling a 5-5 mark as a fourth-round rookie. While there needs to be a leap in his progression from Year 1 to Year 2, O’Connell didn’t face plant with the trust he received from Pierce during the coach’s prove-it stint as interim head honcho. O’Connell was calm, collected, and showed more confidence as the season wore on. And Las Vegas can win with him as QB1.


Minshew, meanwhile, brings 49 career games to the table with 37 starts. He was a 13-game starter for the Indianapolis Colts in 2023 going 7-6 including a 23-20 win over the Raiders in Week 17. Minshew has two career wins over the Raiders including the 20-16 victory when he was the Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback in the final game in Oakland. Minshew is efficient, takes care of the ball, and brings a swagger under center.


With the experience between the two, the quarterback that emerges as starter will have done so by besting the other and will be on their toes as the season progresses. Lest they lose reps and their status as starting quarterback to the other.


O’Connell and Minshew are no stranger to competing for spots. And this past Monday, as the team reported for voluntary workouts, O’Connell spoke abut his history of competition.


“I mean, it’s the best of the best, and so the coaches and administration want to bring in the best players possible to try to make the team better. And the best guys are going to play, and so I’m just trying to do my job,” the second-year quarterback said. “Yeah, like you said, it’s new at this level for me, but it’s nothing new in terms of the competition. It’s been even since high school what I’ve been dealing with and working through, and so that’s just part of the game. It’s not unique to any one position, it’s how it is at every position. Obviously, only one quarterback plays, but it’s part of it.”


Which brings us to predicament No. 1: Cost.

Simply put, the price might just be too steep and rich for the Raiders’ blood.

Yes, point to owner Mark Davis giving the green light to make maneuvers all you like. In case you missed it, ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez had this interesting tidbit: “Sources say Raiders owner Mark Davis has given his blessing for Telesco and Pierce to make a move, any move … so long as it makes sense.”

But does the leap from 13 into the top 5 make sense for Las Vegas?

It might be cost prohibitive, really.


The Raiders will likely have to part with draft picks as well as future selections. Projections are varied, but it’ll likely cost Las Vegas the No. 13 overall pick and the 2025 first-round pick along with potentially the No. 44 overall selection if not a third- or fourth-rounder, too.


And that may not be ideal for Las Vegas. General manager Tom Telesco noted he’s of the build via the draft and supplement via free agency philosophy. And while the team isn’t devoid of talent, it’s far from a finished products with needs at a number of position groups. The Raiders only have a finite amount of picks and offloading future selections to make the jump just might be detrimental for posterity’s sake.

And here comes predicament No. 2: Settling.


Imagine for a second the quarterback the Raiders coveted is unattainable and the team stays at No. 13 to make its selection. Is it wise to take another signal caller there while glaring needs along the offensive line (particularly right tackle) and defense (cornerback) exist? At that particular slot, Las Vegas may be better suited going best player available (BPA) and taking the top prospect on the draft board as said pick will likely put a checkmark on both need and BPA.

If there is a run of quarterbacks in the upper echelon of the draft, there’s high likelihood a talented prospect falls to Las Vegas at No. 13.

And look, I’m not going to be obtuse here.

If that prospect atop the Raiders’ draft board just so happens to be a quarterback that draft pundits and analysts denote as “second tier”, then so be it. That’s BPA — the Raiders best player available.

Finally, predicament No. 3: Final call.

Telesco is going to be the last stop in terms of personnel decisions and while he and Pierce will work in tandem, it’s the GM that is going to be the final say on the roster. There’s even a report out regarding discourse between Telesco and Pierce on the plan at quarterback (see below).


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