Steelers suspended Russell Wilson today

Steelers suspended Russell Wilson today

Insider Doesn’t ‘Get’ What Steelers are Planning for QB Russell Wilson

Not everyone around the NFL buys what the Pittsburgh Steelers are selling relative to Russell Wilson.


The public and messy breakup between the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson extended through the tail end of the regular season until the quarterback’s release in March. Sean Payton’s team opted to absorb an $85 million dead-cap hit in the divorce.

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed the 35-year-old Wilson to a one-year, $1.2 million veteran minimum contract since the Broncos are picking up $37.8 million of his guaranteed salary in 2024. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin doubled down on his offensive reshuffle by trading for former Chicago Bears first-round QB Justin Fields.



While Wilson has been publicly anointed the starter in Pittsburgh, it’s been theorized that if Fields does well competing in training camp, he could earn first-team reps at practice and eventually supplant his veteran counterpart. Fields is poised to be in football rehab with Wilson shining his positive light of wisdom and experience on the young man.


Not so fast, according to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, who lambasted the Steelers’ new-look offense.

“You’ve got two incomplete guys that you’re trying to shoehorn in here,” Garafolo said on former Seattle sports radio’s Jason Puckett’s podcast“I don’t get the plan. I don’t think it works incredibly well with what Arthur Smith wants to do offensively. I don’t know what the hell the plan is, and this is one of those, well, it’s the Steelers and they’re going to find a way to go 9-8. I’m not so sure this time around. This might be my stop, folks.”


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