Ex-Broncos Russell Wilson divorce his wife Ciara due to 

Ex-Broncos Russell Wilson divorce his wife Ciara due to…


According to Jason Whitlock, Russell Wilson and Ciara ought to “hit the eject button” and seek a divorce.


In a funny video, Ciara and Russell Wilson argue candidly, and viewers observe the same thing.
The performer made an effort to talk to her spouse.


Ciara and Russell Wilson just shared a totally new side of their relationship with fans, who are all saying the same thing.

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The singer took to Instagram to share a candid argument the two had recently, proving that they’re not always on the same page.

The debate was sparked after Russell found something belonging to Ciara, and he wanted to throw it away.

The video took place inside the couple’s stunning kitchen, with them leaning on their kitchen counter as the Level Up singer began to explain an important rule of hers to her husband. She said: “Babe, can I just tell you a rule of thumb for women…”

She went on to explain to the footballer that whenever he sees “a nail tip of any kind sitting somewhere, don’t throw it away, just put it to the side.” She went on to show how the nail on her left ring finger, which was clad with her massive wedding ring, had a chipped nail.

Russell wasn’t keen on his wife’s request, immediately saying: “That is nasty,” as well as: “I’m throwing that thing out!”


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