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Ex-Mavericks Jason terry divorce his wife Johnyika due to

Ex-Mavericks Jason terry divorce his wife Johnyika due to


Jason Terry gets surpassed by Luka Doncic to take the sixth spot in Mavericks club scoring history.
Doncic is moving up the Mavericks’ franchise record books very rapidly.



Against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday night, Luka Doncic moved up to take Jason Terry’s place as the Dallas Mavericks’ sixth-all-time leading scorer. Doncic scored the majority of the Mavericks’ points throughout the first quarter of the game, including the bucket. Doncic now has 9,954 points, surpassing Terry’s 9,953 total.



Terry was a member of the 2011 championship squad and played with the Mavericks for eight seasons. With 18,881 points at the end of his career, he played for Dallas for more than half of his total points. Terry was designed to get baskets as an electrifying combo guard. Doncic’s lightning-fast pass past him demonstrates what a talented scorer the Slovenian sensation is.


Michael Finley comes in second on the team’s scoring chart with 12,389. He will probably be passed by Doncic early in the next season. From there, he’ll most likely quickly past Mark Aguirre (13,930) and Derek Harper (12,597) to take third in team scoring in only seven seasons. The next season, he’ll probably overtake Rolando Blackman at 16,643 to go up to the second spot overall in scoring. He’ll need to work hard after that to catch Dirk Nowitzki at 31,560.



Doncic is rising in the assists standings as well. With 2,868 points, he will shortly overtake Steve Nash to take sixth place all-time with the Mavericks. Nash has 2,919 assists in his Dallas career. And then, at 3,651, it’s Nowitzki once more.


He’s also creeping up the rebounding leaderboard, with 3,044 rebounds, which is eighth all-time for the Mavericks. He’ll pass Blackman (3,083) soon, and likely Erick Dampier (3,211) and Mark Aguirre (3,244) this season, and possibly even Shawn Bradley (3,340) to land at fourth all-time in rebounding for the Mavericks.




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