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Announcement – Antonio Brown outlines some few reasons why he Trolls Raiders With Retirement

Antonio Brown Trolls Raiders With Retirement Announcement.


He’s clearly joking as the Raiders would have to sign him to a one-day contract for him to “officially” retire as a member of the organization. The Raiders would never do that considering how he conducted himself while he was with the team. It’s hard to tell when Brown is being serious or making a joke. He hasn’t been on an NFL roster since 2021 and it’s hard to imagine a team giving him another chance, especially the Raiders.


Is Antonio Brown Actually Retired?

While Antonio Brown is busy trolling the Raiders, his post on X does beg the question of whether or not he’s actually retiring. Brown appears to still be in shape but he’s already 35, which is older for a wide receiver.



He also hasn’t played in two seasons. Even if Brown isn’t officially retiring, he’s effectively done in the NFL. It’s highly unlikely a team would consider signing him again. He was one of the best wide receivers in the NFL during his prime and was on a Hall of Fame trajectory.



However, he’s alienated a number of franchises with his antics and his ability isn’t good enough to overlook that anymore. Brown is likely won’t be on an NFL field again. He could always consider the USFL or other pro football leagues but that’s unlikely.


Las Vegas Raiders Gearing up for Draft

The Antonio Brown saga is far in the past for the Raiders and the team has gone through multiple head coaches and general managers since he was released. The team’s focus is squarely on the 2024 NFL Draft right now.


This will be Tom Telesco’s first draft as the general manager of the Raiders and he recently gave some insight into what he likes to look for in prospects.




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