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Jerry Jones: We want to keep Dak Prescott, but it will mean

Jerry Jones: We want to keep Dak Prescott, but it will mean less money for supporting cast..


Dak Prescott stated last week that the Cowboys and the quarterback had not had any “real” contract negotiations this summer. The Cowboys want Prescott to stay as quarterback, and Prescott wants to stay with the team.

But Prescott acknowledged last week that there’s no guarantee he’ll stay in Dallas for the duration of the season.

He has a no-tag clause in his contract, and he is eligible for free agency in 2025.


According to Jon Machota of TheAthletic.com, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated on Tuesday, “We want Dak Prescott.” That’s all there is to it. I think [Prescott’s growth from the previous season] was much influenced by Mike [McCarthy]. That progress gave me hope that there is more to finally succeeding in our endeavors. I think the question really gets it. We desire Dak. We believe that more development is possible. In the event that your club has a lot of salary space and your quarterback is significantly underpaid during his rookie deal,


We went to San Francisco with Dak last year just after we got [Tony] Romo, and we used our credit cards a lot there. We were able to absorb that money and keep Tyron [Smith] close to him because Dak came along and made it unnecessary for us to have it. Dak has therefore had some of the greatest supporting casts surrounding him throughout his impressive career, of which we are proud.

In order to proceed, we must lessen that. That is true. These are the guidelines. Our task is to overcome it and make it function. Cowboys quarterback Dak, I don’t even think twice about that one.


Prescott is counting $55.4 million against the salary cap this season.

He said last week that becoming the highest-paid quarterback is not “necessarily” his goal, and he seems in no hurry for an extension. Why would he be? Prescott will get his money from somebody.

The Cowboys could be waiting to see if Prescott, in his ninth season as their starter, can get them beyond the divisional round. They still haven’t been to an NFC Championship Game since 1995.

The Cowboys also haven’t moved on extensions for receiver CeeDee Lamb or edge rusher Micah Parsons yet either.


Jones remarked, “You might be working on [contracts] and not moving anything but your eyebrows.” Who in the world would believe that we aren’t putting any effort into it? I put effort on it. Sometimes it appears at two in the morning. In reality, you’re asking why you haven’t completed, agreed upon, and filed away anything. We would, however, prefer to see more leaves fall. We want to see more activity.




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