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Jerry Jones decided to fire coach McCarthy today due to

Jerry Jones decided to fire coach McCarthy today due to


Why Did the Cowboys Not Fire Coach Mike McCarthy, as Jerry Jones Exposes?

Tucked Into His Bill Belichick Silliness, Jerry Jones Explains Why Coach Mike McCarthy of the Dallas Cowboys Was Not Fired


Anger and fury were evident as the fourth quarter of the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff defeat to the Green Bay Packers drew to a close. Coach Mike McCarthy and player Dak Prescott were held accountable for the team’s inability to make the playoffs again.



Mike McCarthy will be coaching in the final year of his contract when he returns for a lame-duck season in 2024, but Jones has already said in public that he is “100 percent supportive” of his head coach.


On Tuesday at the Senior Bowl – in between some odd remarks also supporting the idea of eventually hiring Bill Belichick to replace McCarthy – Jones explained his reasoning in keeping McCarthy.

Or, to put a finer point on it, why he didn’t fire him.


“Overwhelmingly I thought the best decision to have the continuity that Mike brings,” Jones said. “When I look at the job he’s done over the last four years, I can point to some real positives, not the least of which are his 12-win seasons. I think we certainly have made improvement in areas.”



That is certainy true. Jones also cited the improvement in the play of Dak Prescott, who this year is an NFL MVP finalist.


“I think we can look forward to that improvement,” Jones said, adding, “there’s more there to get (from Dak) and the evidence points to that. So, with more to get there, more pluses, that impacts a lot of the other things we’re doing right now with our decisions we’re making.



“So it all made sense to have him back.”

Jerry’s reasons for bringing McCarthy back are understandable. Three consecutive 12-win seasons are tough to come by in the NFL. And if continuity matters? Again, understandable.



Now, attention turns to the offseason and while Jerry also stated that the team will be “all-in” this offseason, whether that means getting contracts done for Prescott and CeeDee Lamb or going hard in free agency, is unknown.


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