Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles suspended Jalen Hurts today

Philadelphia Eagles suspended Jalen Hurts today


Update on Jalen Hurts’ “Crazy” Finger Injury from the Eagles quarterback
The injury occurred during the first half of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 27-10 defeat against the New York Giants in Week 18.



NJ – EAST RUTHERFORD His middle finger was pointing in an unusual direction for a finger to point.


Jalen Hurts proceeded directly to the medical tent, most likely to get his throwing hand’s dislocated finger realigned. Hurts was finally taken out of the game with fewer than two minutes remaining in the first half. The quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles was allowed to return, but his performance wasn’t much better than it had been when he had departed.



He ended his day with a passer rating of 26.8, 55 yards, and an interception, his 15th of the season.

The quarterback did get some good news on Monday when a report indicated that an X-ray revealed that there was no fracture in the finger.


Still, things never got better for the Eagles, both on offense or defense, and they lost yet again, this time 27-10 to the New York Giants in the regular-season finale at the Meadowlands on Sunday.



Also injured on the day were receiver A.J. Brown and safety Sydney Brown. Both players went down with knee injuries on a Meadowlands notorious for causing them.



Sydney Brown reportedly tore the ACL in his right knee and was on crutches and in a big knee brace in the locker room afterward. A.J. Brown was seen in the locker room walking on his own but declined to talk to reporters.



Head coach Nick Sirianni stated, “Again, I haven’t talked to the trainers,” in reference to Brown. “I am aware that when we initially entered the locker room, A.J. was the first to welcome everyone. Of course, I feel awful. I become really upset if one of our guys gets wounded. Having an injury and continuing to play through it is a difficult experience. I’m hoping all is well with him, but we’ll see as the week progresses.



Safety Reed In addition, right guard Cam Jurgens departed early due to an eye injury, while Blankenship left early due to a groin ailment.



Hurts didn’t say yes or no when asked if he would be able to play next weekend when the Eagles travel to Tampa to play the Buccaneers in the wildcard round of the playoffs next weekend, Hurts didn’t say yes or no.



“I’m taking it day by day at this point,” he said. “It’s a very unfortunate crazy thing. I never experienced anything like that.”



The injury occurred when linebacker Bobby Okereke blitzed. Okereke’s hand hit Hurts’ hand then Okereke’s helmet smacked into the quarterback’s fingers, too.




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