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CONGRATULATIONS: Bills qb Josh Allen Welcomes first baby….

CONGRATULATIONS: Bills qb Josh Allen Welcomes first baby….READ MORE..










Josh Allen’s girlfriend Brittany Williams posts cryptic online message after unfollowing NFL star amid breakup rumors






JOSH Allen’s girlfriend Brittany Williams is showing her frustration through cryptic online messages.

Following the longtime couple’s breakup, Williams unfollowed the NFL quarterback and then posted a questionable Instagram story.




On April 23, Williams shared a friend’s post on her Instagram story that included a heart-shaped birthday cake that had the letters #MHWN written on it.

The caption on the post read: “My girls spoil me,” which was then followed by the same hashtag that points to the Instagram page for the romance podcast “My Husband Would Never.”

The cryptic message made fans a bit wary.

One fan said on TikTok: “Britt getting #MHWN on her birthday cake is so petty it makes me sick.”


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