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Baltimore Ravens has agreed to terms with Steelers Quarter back Justin Fields over $120 million

Baltimore Ravens has agreed to terms with Steelers Quarter back Justin Fields over $120 million….


Justin Fields’ fifth-year option is anticipated to be declined by the Steelers: report
Fields would be participating in the last year of his rookie agreement.


The quarterback carousel doesn’t appear to be stopping in Pittsburgh any time soon.

The Steelers acquired Justin Fields in a low risk trade with the Chicago Bears last month in exchange for a conditional sixth-round draft pick in next year’s draft, but according to ESPN, Pittsburgh does not plan to pick up Fields’ $25 million fifth-year option.



Both quarterbacks will be vying for a contract extension before the conclusion of the season after the Steelers signed Russell Wilson to a one-year contract on the veteran’s minimum salary of $1.21 million.


Although Fields will get the chance to contend for the starting position, head coach Mike Tomlin acknowledged Wilson’s expertise during the annual NFL owners meeting in Florida last month.



“We’re not resistant to competition, but as I’ve mentioned several times of late, I just think it’s appropriate to establish positioning. . . . and the term that I’ve used is Russell has pole position,” Tomlin said. “And why do I use that term? Because during this time where we are not formally working, I just think it’s beneficial. His experience in the National Football League, his process has been honed and perfected.”



“All the things that people really committed to winning do this time of the year, Russell has those resources, that structure,” said Tomlin. “Therefore, I believe he is in pole position. It just produces a synergy that is, in my opinion, appropriate for this season. Justin will undoubtedly have the chance to impress when it comes time to compete, when we enter environments akin to training camps and visit venues, among other things.”



Fields was transferred after only three seasons in Chicago, despite formerly being considered the Bears organization’s future. During that time, he completed 578 of 958 throws for 6,674 yards, 40 touchdowns, and 30 interceptions.


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