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Sad: Lamar Jackson divorce his wife Jamie Taylor due to…

How Lamar Jackson Taught His Sweetheart Not To Pay Attention To Them


For the past five years, Lamar Jackson and his long-term partner have kept their relationship discreet. However, that doesn’t imply they aren’t picking up new skills from one another.


Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has all eyes on him. The 25-year-old is the youngest quarterback to win MVP in the National Football League. During his second season with the Ravens, Jackson scored 43 touchdowns.



This feat comes with 3,127 passing yards and 1,206 rushing yards. With jaw-dropping stats, Jackson has gained the attention of fans, coaches and teammates. From Louisville, Kentucky, the football pro has maintained a relatively low profile compared to Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady.



Off the field, Jackson has clearly made it a top priority to hold onto his personal privacy. Although the NFL star has been in a relationship with girlfriend Jaime Taylor for five years, there are very few details that can be found on the two.



Who Is Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend, Jamie Taylor?


The quarterback and his girlfriend are University of Louisville college sweethearts. Yes, the two could have possibly been walking the halls hand in hand before Jackson’s iconic rookie season with the Ravens. As told by, the two were reportedly an item since 2017, but this is tough to prove given Taylor’s low profile.




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