Duke Blue Devils suspended sean stewart today due to

 Duke Blue Devils suspended sean stewart today due to


Ohio State lands 5-star Duke transfer Sean Stewart


The narrative behind Sean Stewart’s fabled Duke connection: “He kind of brainwashed me”




The Boston Celtics championship picture, several jerseys and medals on the walls, and a substantial shoe collection are all hallmarks of Sean Stewart’s boyhood room. But there’s a twist to this specific chamber.



A framed schematic of Cameron Indoor Stadium rests over pictures of a young Sean. A little Duke basketball with Coach K’s autograph is resting between middle school basketball trophies, next to a red neon sign that reads “Sean13Stewart” that is affixed to the wall. He has a ton of Nikes with the Duke logo packed on the bottom rack of his wardrobe.




“My whole life I’ve been a Duke fan,” the freshman forward said at the team’s preseason media day. “My wildest dream is here and I’m living it right now.”

That part is obvious. The reason why — not so much.




For as long as he can remember, Stewart and his family have lived on the same street in the Orlando suburb of Windermere, Fla., as Grant Hill.




Yes, that Grant Hill: the Blue Devils’ heralded two-time national champion and arguably most successful professional product ever; the retired No. 33 jersey suspended in Cameron Indoor Stadium; the opening act of Duke’s most famous historical moment — a full-court heave to set up Christian Laettner’s “shot” in the 1992 Elite Eight that spearheaded a run to a second NCAA title in as many years.



To Stewart, though, he’s just “Uncle Grant.” He’s the neighbor across the street who he’d known since he was a baby, whose kids he’d grown close with. He is the neighbor who was, in many ways, responsible for cultivating Stewart’s lifelong dream to play basketball for the Blue Devils, which is now just days away.





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