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Commissioner of the NFL shares issue that is holding up Tom Brady buying Raiders stake


Roger Goodell shares issue that is holding up Tom Brady buying Raiders stake



Tom Brady is still in the process of trying to complete his purchase of a stake in the Las Vegas Raiders, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says issues remain. One of them pertains to Brady’s upcoming gig as an analyst for FOX.



Goodell told reporters on Wednesday that NFL owners have concerns about the type of access Brady will have to teams as part of his broadcasting job with FOX. Announcers are typically given access to team facilities and practices so they can prepare for upcoming games, but that might be a problem with Brady if he becomes a part-owner of the Raiders.


A report earlier this offseason indicated that NFL owners were concerned about a potential conflict of interest with Brady working as a network analyst and purchasing a stake in a team. We now know what the specific concern is.


It has been over a year since Brady entered into discussions with the Raiders. The deal is only awaiting league approval, with executives at FOX already giving it the green light. It is unclear if or when NFL owners will sign off on the arrangement.



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