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Breaking: Raiders owner Mark Davis plans to bolster the team’s defensive line corps…

Mark Davis with Another New Addition for the Las Vegas Raiders that Can Help Them Immediately

The Las Vegas Raiders have made another critical addition this offseason as Tom Telescco and Antonio Pierce demonstrate a win-no mentality from Owner Mark Davis.

The Las Vegas Raiders have made many additions to their organization this offseason. They have a new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, as well as many new additions to the roster. Along with many new position coaches, the Raiders also have multiple new additions on offense and a few on defense. The Raiders used the offseason to improve in many areas, including practice methods.

Since the season ended, Antonio Pierce and Tom Telesco have shown a win-now mentality.

Another new addition for the Raiders has been a large screen that was added to practice field. The screen allows the Raiders to study film of what the players did well in practice and what they needed to work on. The screen will also allow the Raiders to break down film of the opponent during breaks.

A move that cost massive money, that shows a committment to winning, from Owner Mark Davis.

Raiders Safeties Coach Gerald Alexander appreciates the screen, which makes the learning process much more efficient for the coaches and players.

“It’s awesome because you get the instant feedback,” Alexander said. “So, it’s instant information that those guys can go watch, and it kind of simulates some things obviously not from a visual standpoint as far as having the visual, but it kind of simulates some things that you can do in play in between series – take a look at some things that did go right did go wrong, some adjustments that probably need to be made.”

As the Raiders begin their first season under Coach Antonio Pierce, the offseason has allowed him and his coaching staff to improve upon last season. They finally have the time they didn’t have with last season’s coaching change halfway through the season to make necessary changes. The Raiders have continued to find new ways to improve players and practices.


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